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Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Technology

Neef it offers high-speed internet in Sylhet using Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology. Our fiber optic cables bring a reliable connection to your home or business, providing faster speeds that can improve productivity and enhance customer experiences—looking for the best broadband internet near your area? Look no further than our exceptional services.


Accelerate Your Internet: Neef IT's Cache Services

We provide cache servers that can boost network performance for companies and increase bandwidth efficiency. Our cache servers frequently keep used information on a local server where it may be accessed more quickly and effectively. To find out more about our isp's cache server solutions, get in touch with us.


Power Up Your Downloads: Neef IT's BDIX & FTP Services

Our company offers lightning-fast services, including BDIX and FTP Server. BDIX provides faster access to local content, while FTP makes it easy to share large files over the web. We provide reliable and convenient broadband services to meet all your needs. Our top priority is to ensure your satisfaction with exceptional customer support.

High-Speed Internet for Sylhet, Neef IT's Broadband & WiFi Deals

Our Popular Home Packages


525 / mo
  • 1:8
  • 10Mbps Youtube
  • 5Mbps Facebook
  • Cache Services
  • Ftp & Live TV
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700 / mo
  • 8Mbps(6.00pm-12.59am)
  • 50Mbps Facebook
  • 50Mbps Youtube
  • 100Mbps BDIX
  • Cache Services
  • Ftp & Live TV
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1000 / mo
  • 16Mbps(6.00pm-12.59am)
  • 100Mbps Facebook
  • 100Mbps Youtube
  • 200Mbps BDIX
  • Cache Services
  • Ftp & Live TV
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1250 / mo
  • 21Mbps(6.00pm-12.59am)
  • 100Mbps Facebook
  • 100Mbps Youtube
  • 200Mbps BDIX
  • Cache Services
  • Ftp & Live TV
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Best Customer Support for You

Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best customer care possible. We understand that exceptional customer service is essential to a great ISP experience and strive to ensure your satisfaction.

Stay Connected with Stability

Our company provides stable and reliable internet in Sylhet, ensuring consistent connectivity and fast speeds for all your online needs.

Best Uptime Ever

We're proud to provide the best uptime guarantee in the industry. With our commitment to maintaining a top-notch network and infrastructure, we're confident in delivering the best uptime ever. Trust us for dependable and stable internet for all your online needs. Enjoy stable connectivity for all your online needs with reliable and trustworthy service.

Experience Gaming Like Never Before

We've fine-tuned our network for minimal latency. So that we can provide a seamless gaming experience to our customers, even during periods of high traffic. Our high-speed internet services allow you to enjoy gameplay without lag or delays.

Undoubtedly, we take pride in being the top-rated home broadband provider. And we're dedicated to maintaining our position through unparalleled service and customer satisfaction. Best ISP(Internet service provider) for gaming.

Multiple Upstream Connections

We offer fast, reliable internet with multiple upstreams and wifi services for seamless home and office connectivity. Stay productive and connected with our high-speed for all your online needs, backed by our commitment to reliability. No more interruptions to your wifi connection

Enjoy Unlimited Packages

Our company in Sylhet, Bangladesh, offers a range of internet plans, from cable internet to Wi-Fi. To ensure you get the right strategy, do a speed test for both upload speeds and download speeds. Internet Costs depend on the type of internet you choose, so choosing wisely is essential. Enjoy Our High-speed internet & good upload speed.

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