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Neef IT is Sylhet's best broadband and WiFi service provider, offering good download and upload speeds for smooth streaming of live TV and social media. As Sylhet's best ISP for gaming, we offer fast and reliable internet services tailored to your needs. Choose Neef IT for the best internet service in Sylhet.


The Best ISP for Gaming and Streaming in Sylhet

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We offer reliable and high-quality internet service, providing you with a seamless online experience at home. We offer a range of internet plans, from 100 Mbps to 25 Mbps to 5Mbps. Our broadband connection plans provide fast download and upload speeds to access to the internet.

Reliable Internet Service Provider for Your Home

We also provide wireless internet service (wi-fi) and phone service to meet your communication needs. we are the fastest internet service providers(isp) In Sylhet.

Choosing an internet service provider can be challenging. To help you out, we offer an affordable connectivity program and limited time discounts. These deals are designed to make getting started easy. Our 5G home internet service provides even faster and more reliable connectivity, and we prioritize customer satisfaction.

Seamless Home Internet Solutions for Modern Living

However, internet speed and availability may depend on where you live, and taxes and fees may apply. That's why we provide detailed information about our internet plans and services, helping you choose the right plan for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our internet plans and take advantage of our limited time offer. Our high-speed internet service offers smooth streaming, fast downloads and uploads. You can easily stay connected with your loved ones by using our 12 months subscription of our internet connection. We will definately offer discount

We provide a range of high-quality CC & IP cameras from renowned brands, ensuring that your property is always secure, day or night. Our cameras are equipped with advanced features such as night vision and smart recording, and can be easily connected to your smart home devices for easy monitoring.

Neef IT's CC & IP Cameras: Secure Your Property with High-Quality Technology

With recorded video access, you can rest assured that your property is always under surveillance, even when you're not there. We provide fast and reliable shipping, and our cameras are available for delivery to APO/FPO addresses.

Trustworthy Surveillance Solutions: Neef IT's Renowned Brand CC & IP Cameras

Contact us today to learn more about our range of CC & IP cameras and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our Web Design & Development team comprises highly skilled professionals who create and maintain visually appealing websites. We take a holistic approach to our work, ensuring that all web design and development aspects are covered, including graphic design, user experience, and programming languages.

Customized Web Solutions: Neef IT's Professional Web Design & Development Services

We work closely with clients to ensure the website design matches their vision and brand identity. We also offer front-end web development, creating and maintaining the feel of a website through a careful selection of color palettes and design elements.

Incidunt non veritatis illum ea ut nisi

From website development to ongoing maintenance, we provide comprehensive solutions that take the hassle out of web design and development. Contact us today to learn about how we can bring your vision to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

A broadband internet connection is a high-speed connection that provides a faster data transmission rate than traditional dial-up internet connections. Broadband connections are always on, meaning that users can access the internet at any time without establishing a new relationship. Broadband internet connections use different technologies, including digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber optic, and satellite, to transmit data signals over a wide bandwidth. This wide bandwidth allows faster data transfer rates, enabling users to download and upload large files, stream video content, and use real-time communication applications. Overall, broadband internet connections offer users a more efficient and reliable way to access the internet.

Broadband internet is faster than dial-up. It is a type of high-speed internet connection. It allows users to access the internet quickly. It uses many frequencies to send a lot of data over a network. This allows people to have faster data transmission speeds and a better online experience. Broadband connections can be established using various technologies. These include different types of DSL, cable networks, fiber optics, and wireless networks. These technologies are provided by cable companies. DSL uses telephone lines to transmit data, while cable networks use coaxial cables. Fiber optic connections use data transmission over thin strands of glass. This results in faster rates of data transmission compared to other broadband technologies. It is also more reliable. On the other hand, wireless broadband internet service uses radio signals to transmit data between devices. Data is transmitted between a user's device and an internet service provider's (ISP) network. It does not matter what type of broadband connection is used by the internet users. ISPs provide broadband internet access to the internet by creating and maintaining broadband networks that connect to the wider internet. Networks are designed to manage large data traffic. This allows users to experience fast internet. High speed internet access is also available. High-speed broadband internet transmits large amounts of data over a network. This is done using various technologies. This results in faster and smoother online experiences than traditional dial-up connections. In summary, this technology enhances the user's online experience.

No, broadband and Wi-Fi are not the same thing. Broadband refers to high-speed internet access that is always on and provides a continuous connection to the internet. It can be delivered through a variety of methods, such as cable, DSL, or fiber optic lines. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, refers to a wireless networking technology that enables devices to connect to a local area network and the internet without the need for cables. Wi-Fi can be used to access broadband internet if a broadband connection is available. So while Wi-Fi is a means of accessing broadband, it is not the same as broadband itself.

In general, broadband is faster than a hotspot. Broadband refers to high-speed internet access that is always on and typically delivered via wired connections such as cable, fiber optic, or DSL. Hotspot, on the other hand, refers to a wireless access point that provides internet connectivity through cellular networks or other wireless technologies. While a hotspot can be a convenient way to connect to the internet on the go, it may provide a different speed and reliability than a broadband connection. Hotspot speeds can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the cellular network signal, the number of users connected to the hotspot, and the distance between the device and the hotspot. Broadband, on the other hand, provides faster and more reliable internet speeds, with typical download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps or more, depending on the type of broadband connection. Additionally, broadband connections are not affected by the number of users connected to the network and typically offer lower latency, making them better suited for activities that require a stable and fast internet connection, such as online gaming, video conferencing, and streaming high-quality video content.

20 Mbps is a decent Wi-Fi speed for general internet use, such as web browsing, streaming videos, and even online gaming. However, for online gaming that requires fast and stable connections, you may need higher speeds, especially if you're playing competitive games or playing on multiple devices simultaneously. A rate of 50 Mbps or higher is generally recommended for online gaming. It's also essential to remember that the quality of your Wi-Fi signal can affect the speed and performance, so make sure to place your router in a central location and minimize any obstructions or interference.

The answer to this question can vary on several factors, such as the number of people using the internet connection, the types of online activities they engage in, and the devices used. Generally speaking, a good broadband speed for most households is at least 25 Mbps for download and 30 Mbps for upload. However, if multiple users or devices are connected to the network, or there are high-demand activities such as online gaming or streaming, a higher speed may be necessary to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience. You should check with your internet service provider for the best speed package.

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